Team of Experts

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Shiraz Adin
Shiraz Adin provides management, marketing and sales consulting to new and changing businesses. Shiraz performed a large variety of professional and managerial positions in Israel’s High Tech industry, in quality assurance, software development, customer management, project management and sales. She played pivotal roles in Comverse in the global telecom market, facing large customers in Europe, the United States and Africa, responsible for complex deliveries to international operators. Shiraz spent three years in the USA working closely with R&D, sales and support teams in the field. She has profound understanding of work processes of large scale businesses. Customer management; Project management; Sales

Elisha K. Arad
Elisha Kuper Arad, B.Sc. in Water and soil agricultural engineering, the Technion, offers professional and operational experience in the field of hydraulic projects design and construction process. Elisha has vast experience in identifying business needs and providing creative solutions through characterization and planning of the relevant components and follow-up of the construction and operational phases of the scheme in question. Elisha accumulated years of hand-on operation in modern irrigation systems, desalination plants, marketing, supervision and professional management, backup array operations and logistics support activities. Irrigation; Desalination; International Marketing

Gilad Axelrad, Ph.D
Gilad Axelrad, is a doctor of agricultural economics and management from the Hebrew University.
He specializes in integrated water & wastewater management.
Gilad has 7 years experience with banking and financing as an economist in a private bank and as a senior economist in a private consulting company.
During the last 6 years he runs his own consulting and management company. In addition, Gilad has more than 5 years experience as a senior researcher in numerous research projects.
Water & Agricultural Economics; Water Resources Management
Prof. Shimshon Belkin, Ph.D
Prof. Shimshon Belkin (PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1983) is currently the director of the Hebrew University inter-faculty Biotechnology Program; he is past director of the university’s Environmental Studies Program and past chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences.
His extensive experience combines basic and applied aspects of environmental microbiology, water quality analysis, water and wastewater treatment, and water toxicity.
Microbial water quality; Toxicity bioassays; Biosensors
Yaron Ben Ari
Yaron Ben-Ari, Ing., B.Sc. in Water and soil agricultural engineering, Technion. Complementary courses for advanced degree in Civil Engineering.
Ben-Ari is the Program Manger of the Water Technology in the Standards Institution of Israel. He has led international committees in the fields of water safety and treated wastewater reuse.
Ben-Ari has been working for 20 years with private organizations and institutional authorities in the fields of water, sewage and drainage development. He has experience in design, operation and maintenance of water, sewage and drainage systems, including seven years as Manager of the Water, Sewage and Drainage Division of the Haifa Municipality in Israel.
International standardization; Municipal water and wastewater management

Prof. Asher Brenner, D.Sc
Prof. Asher Brenner is serving as the head of the Environmental Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He has specialized in water and wastewater treatment. His research and experience include a wide array of process testing and modeling, including: Biological wastewater treatment, nutrient removal, tertiary filtration, industrial wastewater management, remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, wastewater reuse, and more. Water and Wastewater quality and treatment

Haim Cikurel, Ph.D
Dr. Eng. Cikurel is a Chemical and Environmental Engineer, expert in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment technologies and a practical research engineer. He has 38 years experience in different fields of research, production and engineering in the Chemical Process Industries (CPI) and in water and wastewater treatment. He is a wastewater engineer specialized in pharmaceuticals, mineral and vegetable oil industries, textiles, detergents, metal and other food industries. He was consultant for the Ramat Hovav Industrial Area and is a pioneer in MBR treatment of different CPI. Responsible for various European Union funded effluent reuse research pilot plants. Industrial wastewater treatment; Water reuse; Membranes

Gil Dror, Adv.
Gil Dror received his L.L.B degree from the Haifa University Law School. He has academic background in the field of environmental sciences. His bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.Agr) is from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and his Master’s degree (M.Sc) is from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research at theWeizmann Institute for Sciences. During the last years, Gil Dror acquired practical experience in various environmental fields: he taught environmental studies at the Reali High School in Haifa; worked as Hazardous Materials Inspector at the Western Galilee Township Association for Environmental Protection; and worked as Environmental Engineer in the field of monitoring and rehabilitation of polluted rivers at the Kishon River Authority. International and Israeli Environmental Law

Avital Dror-Ehre, Ph.D
Avital Dror-Ehre, Eng., Ph.D., is an experienced
chemical and biotechnology engineer. Serving as a wastewater treatment plant
manager and as consultant, she has gained wide experience in water quality,
wastewater treatment and reuse and biological and physical processes, SBR
and filtration in particular. Research experience: nanotechnology, biofilms and
membranes. Being a Board Member of the Israeli Water Association established and
manages professional training programs in water and wastewater.
Wastewater treatment technologies; Training; Nanotechnology

Einav Ehre
Einav Ehre, Economist (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, specializing in
business administration), is an experienced international financial consultant dealing
with investment and finance management.
He served as financial controller for several companies in Israel and Africa. He
served as company secretary and was involved in investor relations in France.
Recently he runs his own consulting and management firm.
Finance; Investments
Tzvi Levinson, Adv.
Tzvi Levinson is a founding partner of our offices. Attorney Levinson received his L.LB. degree from the Hebrew University Law School in Jerusalem. He has built the leading practice in Israel (recognized by PLC ) specializing in legal counsel and representation in the field of environmental law to industries and businesses. Firms of the largest in the market use his services. Attorney Levinson is uniquely experienced in providing day-to-day “preventive” counsel and representation in legal proceedings (civil, administrative and criminal) in a variety of environmental issues. Attorney Levinson lectures at Haifa University Law School on environmental law, at the Institute for Advanced Studies for Attorneys and many other forums, and has published numerous articles on various environmental issues. Attorney Levinson formerly chaired the Environmental Law Committee of the Central Board of the Israeli Bar (1996-2003). He is the Israeli correspondent for the Environmental Law Reporter service. International and Israeli Environmental Law

Jacob Maoz
Jacob Maoz, Mechanical Eng., is highly experienced in design and supervision of seawater and brackish water desalination projects. Member of the Planning Team of Israel’s National Desalination Sites Master Plan for 2040. Worked in Tahal – Water Planning for Israel – on regional and national water systems planning and design. Directed desalination and energy projects worldwide and surveyed renewable energy sources. Currently practices the design and economics of national Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, municipal brackish and polluted wells desalination, and their integration into the local and national water supply system. Desalination processes – brackish and seawater; Tender documents; Municipal well desalination; Desalination economical calculations
Omri H. Maron
Omri H. Maron, MBA, is a Manager, Business Developer and Entrepreneur.
He has over 35 years of global experience in a wide variety of businesses,
including 5 years in the USA.
Omri started in the Media business where he was involved in the production
of more than 500 films, TV productions, satellite broadcasts and major events,
eventually elected Chairman of the Board of the Producers Association.
Later Omri moved to business development and project management in
Medical Devices and the Internet. In the last few years Omri is active in the
Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment field, reaching back to his
solid ecological roots planted back in Agriculture high school.
International Business Development; Marketing; Projects Management
Yehuda Shevah, Ph.D
Dr. Yehuda Shevah, a graduate of Edinburgh University, UK is a Senior
Consultant with 40 years of experience in planning and design of water
resources development, urban and rural water supply, irrigation and drainage
engineering and environmental conservation in Israel and Latin America, Asia
and Africa. Positions held included; Project Director, Team Leader, design,
contract and professional management and coordination of numerous
development projects. Senior Consultant to the highest levels of government
in Israel and elsewhere, including the Ministries of Science and National
Infrastructure. Also the Federal Government of Nigeria, EU FP for R&D.
Active member and chair person in advisory groups. Editor, author and
co-author of numerous engineering, economic and technical reports and
scientific papers and chapters in books.
Water Resources Management; Water supply; Sanitation and environmental systems engineering; Desalination
Ehud Simon, D.Sc
Ehud Simon, D.Sc., is an international consultant dealing with all topics of surface hydrology.
He has over 40 years of global experience, analyzing and modeling of complicated river basin systems.
Ehud spends a great deal of his time in many developing countries in South America, Asia and Africa, presenting solutions for problems such as floods and drought conditions, drainage issues, and analysis of extreme events.
He has published more than 300 technical papers/reports.
Ehud holds a D.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Specializing in Hydrology from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.
Drainage; Surface Hydrology; Water Resources Management; Flood Control
Nissim Tal
Nissim Tal, M.Sc., is an international consultant and process design for surface, ground and recycling water for greenhouse. He has over 20 years of global experience.
Nissim spends a great deal of his time in many developing countries in South America, Asia and Africa and Russia, presenting solutions for problems such as iron and manganese removal, process treatment design for surface and ground water for drinking and irrigation with granular filtration, sampling, analyzing and control water quality plant.
Nissim holds a M.Sc. in environmental science – Specializing in flocculation and sedimentation in the Hebrew University, Israel, Jerusalem.
Water quality and treatment; Water treatment process for drinking and irrigation; Flocculation; Sedimentation and Filtration process

Yehoyada Zidon
Yehoyada Zidon (M.Sc.), B.Sc in Chemistry and in Environmental science. His M.Sc. was obtained in the department of Soil and Water Sciences (Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel). In this research he conducted a pilot study of Chromium Removal from a contaminated well. Yehoyada has teaching experience in many related subjects, such as water quality and treatment control and the Israeli water resources and their management. He serves in Adin Holdings as a project manager in various consulting and prospecting projects. Water treatment; Project management