Exemplary projects

Wastewater Master Plan – The Bahamas

Development of 20 year Wastewater Master Plan for the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) that will address rehabilitation and upgrades of wastewater infrastructure which include collection, treatment,and disposal needs as well as upgrading the legal and regulatory framework. In addition, the wastewater masterplan includes technical, economic, social, environmental and financial analysis. AH formed a consortium with HGM (Israel) and IBS (The Bahamas) which was granted the project in an international tender. Financing of the project came from a loan of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Water Resources development in rural India – EU/India

Decision Support System for rural area water source development in India. Water4India is a multinational project analyzing technological alternatives for water supply in rural India and developing tools for decision support in implementing such systems. The project produced comprehensive understanding of applicable sol environmental, social and economic factors, and guidelines on their eligibility for implementation in sites. The outcome of the project is a Decision Support System (DSS) for local managers and consultants in India. This project was funded by the European Community.
More Information: Water4India

“Smart Sustainable Army Bases” project for the Ministry of Defense – Israel

AH has been appointed as water and wastewater consultant to Israel’s Ministry of Defense in a multidisciplinary project for planning sustainable army bases. Large army bases are managed as small cities, yet have operational requirements beyond those of typical cities. Army bases must be prepared to change operational status from normal to emergency in zero time and support high variations in on site staff and activity, without limiting operational availability. AH is developing sustainable water cycle solutions for new army bases that will be built in the coming few years. The project is funded by Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

Expert opinion for IPO – Australia

Emefcy, founded in Israel, developed and innovative technology for wastewater treatment and was acquired by Savcor Group Limited, an Australian publically listed company. Under instructions from Nexia Melbourne, AH performed a technical assessment of Emefcy’s technologies and prepared an Independent Technical Expert Opinion report for inclusion in its Independent Expert Report (IER). AH’s report was included and published in the Prospectus issued by savcor in connection with issuing of shares to raise capital to fund Emefcy’s ongoing development and commercialization activities.

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