Money doesn’t grow
on trees,
it grows on lettuce!

The Lettuce Factory

Profit from the high demand for fresh lettuce with your own production facility based on hydroponic technology.

AH provides a fully constructed and functioning operation, customized to fit your land size, for producing fresh and tasty lettuce, leafy vegetables and herbs year-round.




First lettuce ready


Year round production in most climates

Lettuce heads

per year
per hectare !


insects and pests

> 0.8

minimum land required
More land more profit

Land owner? Order the AH Lettuce Factory and start making money in less than 6 months!

Near city agriculture -
your next door cashflow machine

The AH Lettuce Factory can be built on any land type. It is best located near populated areas where supermarkets, markets, catering services, hotels, hospitals and restaurants will receive the freshest same-day top quality lettuce every day!

When technology
does the work for you

The AH Lettuce Factory is a perfect combination of technology and simplicity, forming a high-yield cost-effective operation. The lettuce grows in a controlled environment adaptable to local climate conditions. From seedling to final product, the lettuce is placed in specialized rafts on large regulated water ponds. The isolated structure and absence of soil assure insect and pest free products. The AH Lettuce Factory is an automatically controlled and monitored system, easy to maintain, with minimal human intervention.

Fast setup & ROI

This is the most profitable, effective, simple, clean and safe method for producing one of the most popular products in the market, and one of the best investments you can make with a fast setup & ROI

Up to 2,000,000 lettuce heads per year in every hectare of land !


High value crop options

* Depending on local regulations

High nutritional value

Turnkey and local assembly options

The AH Lettuce Factory comes with documentation and training. It can be handed-over as a turnkey operation or delivered as a kit for a local assembly team.
Management, operation, agronomics and maintenance services are optional as well.

Market research

Initial market surveys can be performed by our experts and provided for the planning phases. The information can be used for closing long term supply contracts with major customers. Market surveys can be performed at any time after setting up the AH Lettuce Factory for adjusting the sales plans.

*Subjected to fertilizers import regulations

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