Cyber security
for water infrastructure

Cyber security
for water infrastructure

Protect water infrastructure from cyber threats
and prepare the organization to manage cyber crises

Effective cyber security
by water and cyber experts

AH Water Security brings cyber defense solutions to the water sector, with proficiency in water that no other cyber defense company has. 

Combining water security, cyber defense and OT protection produces the required expertise for maximum water security.

Whether you supply water, treat wastewater or use water in your factory, AH Water Security speaks your language and understands your needs.





Evaluation and evolution

PT (Penetration Testing)​

Immediate implementation of critical OT security principles

Flash training

Cyberthreats are increasing, targeting:

Cyberthreats impacts intensify when applied to water

Wastewater collection

Wastewater overflow

Environmental pollution
Health risks
Water supply shutdown

Water supply system

Water supply shutdown

Public panic
Damage to industry
Cooling towers malfunction

Water quality

Overdosing chemicals

Underdosing disinfectants

Pathogens enablement

Costly and timely network cleanup


AH Water Security brings an unprecedented professional approach to addressing the unique cyber security challenges of the water sector.

AH Water Security operates in AH Water Consulting, providing consulting and capacity building to private and public entities worldwide. Founded in Israel in 2001, AH pioneered the holistic manifestation of the water cycle and implemented it in water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse, water quality and municipal and industrial water management with water authorities, industry, agriculture and academic institutes.

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