Medical waste treatment - Onsite

  • Onsite disinfection of biomedical waste in 15 minutes, instead of storage and transportation
  • Eliminates the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by treating biomedical waste onsite
  • Reduces cost and imporves control of biomedical waste management at the source
  • In-situ liquid recycling; Posttreatment before discharging as sewage
  • Processed solids can be collected for waste-to-fuel recycling or discharged as municipal solid waste
  • Chemical disinfection verified at STAATT 3 protocol, level IV
  • User friendly touch-screen display
  • Safe and environmentally friendly process: No heat, no pressure, no steam, no odors

Simple operation with user-friendly graphic interface

Hygimed Onsite 700

700-960 L/h (~140-190 kg/h)

Hygimed Onsite 360

360 L/h (~70 kg/h)

Automatic operation

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