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AH water consulting invites you to meet Israel’s Holistic Water Cycle and diverse innovative water solutions, in a professional unique seminar.

The seminar covers the holistic water cycle, including water quality challenges, regulations and standards, water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater reuse and control technologies. An assignment is given to implement in real time the knowledge acquired.

The program includes visits to water production plants, innovation companies and municipal facilities, visits to historical water sites and more.

The participant will gain practical knowledge for preparing short and long term plans, based on holistic understanding of water cycles, for small and large scale scenarios.

The holistic water cycle seminar program


Opening: Greetings; Mutual introduction; Visit program review
Training: Overview – Water cycle of the 21st century; Water-energy-food nexus
Training: Water resources – Natural and artificial resources and their integrated management
Training: Drinking water quality – Parameters; Latest standards and public health case studies
Training: Potable water treatment – Treatment processes; Hybrid systems; Innovations

Day 2

Visit: Water treatment plant – From raw water to drinking quality and beyond
Visit: Desalination plant – Intake;  Pretreatment; RO treatment; Post-treatment; Brine disposal
Visit: Water technology companies – Selected international companies and start-ups

Day 3

Training: Municipal wastewater quality – Parameters; Latest standards; Public health case studies
Training: Municipal wastewater treatment – Treatment processes; Hybrid systems; Innovations
Training: Municipal wastewater reuse – Rational; Challenges; Agricultural and municipal irrigation; Advanced solutions

Day 4

Visit: Water Corporation – Integrated management of water; Wastewater and storm-water systems
Visit: Municipal wastewater treatment plants – Conventional; Tertiary; Reuse and biogas production
Visit: Municipal wastewater reclamation plant – Using SAT (Soil Aquifer Treatment) and Innovation Center

Day 5

Training: Industrial wastewater managementRational; Pretreatment standards; Factory water budget survey; ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) approach

Training: Industrial wastewater treatment and recycling – Technologies; Hazardous wastes
Visit: Industrial wastewater treatment plant
Summary and Q&A

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